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In-mould labelling

Total solutions

Ronetic has very extensive experience in the field of in-mould labelling. In this process, the label for the injection moulding process is laid in the mould before injection moulding. Ronetic manufactures the custom-made Label stations for singulating and presenting the labels and the IML core and gripper for inserting the label into the mould.

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • 100% Customisation
  • Reliable
  • Service-oriented

Ronetic Industrial Automation
Ronetic Industrial Automation
IML Ronetic
Ronetic Industrial Automation
Ronetic Industrial Automation
Ronetic Industrial Automation
Ronetic Industrial Automation

In-mould labelling: stacking tray and buffering

Total solutions consisting of:

– Robot for product take-out
– Take-out gripper and IML heads
– Label station
– Take-over/stacking robot
– Buffer conveyor belt


Side Entry Robots

Our take-out robots are known for their speed and responsiveness. These properties are partly due to their advanced design, but also to our preference for using lightweight and high-grade components.

In recent years, we’ve been able to use our expertise to install various high-speed side-entry robots around the world. This included robots for machines with single moulds and for machines with multiple moulds.

Custom solutions for specific requirements

At Ronetic, we believe in 100% custom-made solutions. Our robots can be adapted to your specific needs. Whether you are looking for a stand-alone machine or integration into an existing production line, we offer flexible solutions to meet all your requirements and needs.

Experience and collaboration for optimal results

With more than 20 years of experience in robotisation, mechanics and control engineering (mechatronics), we have the expertise at Ronetic to tackle complex IML challenges. Our dedicated team of experts works closely with you, involving you in the design phase. This collaboration enables us to create custom solutions to meet specific requirements and expectations.

How we work

At Ronetic, we take an expertise-driven approach to machine building and industrial automation. We analyse your needs, develop custom solutions with advanced technologies, and provide continuous support for long-term success. Together, we strive for optimal efficiency and performance in automation.

Our approach

Reliability and focus on service

At Ronetic, everything revolves around reliability. Our robots are manufactured with high-quality materials and are tested before they go out the door. We have our own skilled professionals for custom parts and we work with partners to offer competitive rates for standard manufactured parts. We also guarantee reliable delivery times and our technicians always install the systems on site. Our service does not end after installation – we are always on hand to provide service and maintenance.

Contact us

Contact us at Ronetic today to discuss your needs and to take advantage of our experience, expertise and personal approach. Together, we can optimise the production process and strengthen your competitive position.